The University of Kentucky has been a leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) for scientific research and teaching since 1987, and its supercomputers have ranked as high as #66 on the world-wide Top 500 list supercomputers list. These facilities are available to the faculty at UK and to research institutions throughout the state.

The current UK HPC cluster (DLX2/3) is a traditional batch-processing institutional cluster, with high-speed interconnects and a shared filesystem. The DLX cluster provides over 4800 processor cores, 18TB of RAM, and 1PB of high-speed disk storage supporting over 400 active UK, regional, and national researchers representing over 50 academic departments. The HPC provides over 33 million core-hours of processing annually. This HPC resource, hosted on the UK campus, is open to regional researchers and available to national research collaborators. Active research areas include physics, astronomy, biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine, mechanical engineering, and many others. The University also participates in networks of research supercomputers and collaborates with researchers across the country and around the world.

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