Students, faculty, and staff at the University of Kentucky and at other public universities in the Commonwealth (subject to certain conditions) may be eligible for accounts on selected HPC facilities.

Policies and Procedures

All users of University of Kentucky Computing and Communications facilities are expected to abide by all relevant policies and procedures. For more information, please see UK Information Systems Policies.

Note: accounts are granted to one person only and no other person may use the account. No exceptions will be made. Failure to abide by these policies may result in the suspension of computing privileges.

If your account becomes inaccessible, please contact User Account Services using the contact information on the right. Ask if the account has been suspended or disabled for some reason. If the account really has been suspended, then send email to the technical support team at for more information.

Login procedures

For security reasons, interactive logins to the cluster must be made using secure-shell (SSH) only. See this page for more information.

Submitting Jobs

The batch system must be used for all jobs. Non-batch jobs on any node may be canceled, unless special permission has been obtained in advance from a system administrator.

User processes on the compile/login nodes that interfere with optimal service may be canceled without notice.

Please checkpoint long running jobs, if possible!

Scratch Disk Space

Files in the temporary disk areas (/scratch) are not backed up and may be deleted without warning, if necessary to provide proper service for everyone.

When computing resources are near exhaustion, restrictions may be tightened! the ultimate goal of the policy is to give all researchers access to a fair share of the computing resources.

Account Termination

After an account is terminated for any reason, the data associated with it will be retained for one year. It is the researcher’s responsibility to copy or transfer any data that must be kept longer.

Help and FAQs

For technical help with HPC, please email your questions to

For most problems, please consult the web pages at first. In particular, the Frequently Asked Questions page may be useful.

If the Help and FAQ pages don’t answer your questions, and you still need technical help with HPC, please email your questions to

Please avoid calling or emailing individuals on the team directly. Email to the help address will generally be answered more quickly and by the appropriate person.